Hitachi 5T EX60LCT3 Telescopic Crane

Max Lift 4900 Kgs @ 2m
Max Reach 220 Kgs @ 13.2m
Overall Height 2.595m
Overall Width 2.27m
Rubber Padded Tracks

Hitachi 8T Telescopic Crane

Max Lift 8 tonnes @ 1.5m
Max reach 900 Kgs @ 13.2m
Overall Height 2.94m
Overall Width 2.49m
Rubber Padded Tracks
Overall Weight 15,400 Kgs

Hitachi 10T Telescopic Crawler Crane

Hitachi 10T Telescopic Crawler Crane
Max lift 10 tonnes @ 2 metre radius
Max reach 650 Kgs @ 21 metres
Overall Height 2.95m
Overall Width 3.12m

Kato 22T City Crane

Max Lift 22 tonnes @ 3m
Max Reach 350 Kgs @ 25m
Overall Height 3.41m
Overall Width 2.8m
Two Axle Mobile Crane

Scania 32Tonne GVW & Drag Trailer

Fitted With PM 47P Crane
Max Lift 9800 Kgs @ 4.35m
Max Reach 2650 Kgs @ 14.35m

Hitachi 40T SCX400T Telescopic Crane

Max Lift 40 Tonne @ 2.5m
Max Reach 1.2 Tonne @ 27m
Overall Height 3585mm
Overall width 4110mm
Overall Weight 45.2 Tonnes

Sumitomo 50T LS118RH5 Crawler Crane

Max Lift 50 tonnes @ 3.7m
Max reach 1.40 tonnes @ 34m
Fly Jib
Ground Pressure 68KPA (0.69Kg/cm3
Max boom length 45.75m

Grove GMK 3050 50T All Terrain Crane

Max Lift 50 Tonnes @ 3m
Max Reach 800 Kgs @ 38m
Overall Height 3.48m
Overall Width 2.5m
Three Axle Mobile Crane with rear steer axle

Sumitomo 65T SC650 Crawler Crane

Max Lift 65 tonnes @ 3.1m
Max reach 1.6 tonnes @ 38m
Fly Jib
Max reach 2.00 tonnes @ 44m
Max Boom 43.20m
Ground Pressure 73.1 KPA 0.75Kg/cm3

Sumitomo 80T SC800 Crawler Crane

Max Lift 80 tonnes @ 3.8m
Max reach 1.30 tonnes @ 36m
Max Boom 57.9m
Ground Pressure 0.91 Kg/cm3

Sumitomo 100T SC1000-2 Crawler Crane

Sumitomo 100T SC1000-2 Crawler Crane
Max lift 100T @ 5 Metre radius
Max Reach 2.4 tonnes @ 54 metres
Max boom 60.95 metres
Fly Jib 24.4 metres




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